Data Communities
Community Organizer Summary Datasets
3D Characterization of Materials - High Energy Diffraction Methods Community John Allison A Beta Test of Community of Practice for Sharing 3D HEDM data sets and protocols of practice 6
Phase-Field Simulations of Microstructure Evolution David Montiel Community of practice for sharing phase-field simulation datasets 13
CASM Brian Puchala A community for CASM projects and data 6
Microstructural-based fatigue simulation and experiment Mohammadreza yaghoobi Community to share and discuss the microstructural-based simulation fatigue tools 4
PRISMS-Plasticity Mohammadreza yaghoobi A community for PRISMS-Plasticity simulation and integration with experiments 8
Recrystallization in magnesium and its alloys Tracy Berman RX in Mg and its alloys 2
OpenVisus V. Glenn Tarcea A Community for OpenVisus Datasets 2166