Getting Started

This getting started guide will take you through project creation, adding data, setting up your workflow, sharing and publishing your results. Materials Commons gives you a way to collaborate within your project, create experiments and track your progress. When you are all done you can pick a subset of your data and publish. You can assign a DOI, put that in a paper and give others easy access to your data.

Materials Commons makes use of Globus to handle large scale uploads and downloads in a reliable fashion. Within Materials Commons you can easily share subsets of your data (we call them datasets). This allows you to organize your data, validate it and finally publish it to a wider audience.

First Steps

Everything in Materials Commons starts with a project. A project allows you to set up the list of collaborators you are sharing your files with. It's where you set up your experiments, create your datasets, and publish your data from. You can set up many projects in Materials Commons, allowing you to separate who you share your data with.